3 Classic Haircuts That Will Never Go Out of Style

Just like monograms and heirloom silver, some cuts and styles have an everlasting charm that defies the whims of fashion. We’re about to explore those iconic looks that stand the test of time, promising you a head-turning, never-out-of-style allure. 

Move over fleeting trends because these classic cuts are here to stay, radiating charm and elegance that transcends the ever-changing winds of fashion. So, if you’re ready to explore the hairstyles that stand the test of time, join us as we uncover the secrets behind these iconic looks.

1. Layers That Never Go Out of Style

When it comes to elegance, one style that immediately comes to mind is the layered haircut. Remember Rachel from Friends? That ultra-layered look sparked a wave of copycat cuts and remains a symbol of chic sophistication. Layers are the secret to voluminous, defined, and flattering haircuts that rarely fail to impress. For those embracing layers, consider adding some “waves” for a laidback, unfussy, and relentlessly stylish appearance.

The beauty of a layered cut lies not just in the technique but in how it complements the individual wearing it. A low-key waves enthusiast embodies a sense of ease and style, making this cut more about the person than the hair itself. For those seeking effortless waves and body, keeping the cut just below the shoulders and adding layers can work wonders.

2. The Bob, Simple, Stylish, and Forever In

Think about the enduring appeal of a traditional bob. Given the choice between a classic bob and a trendy feathered mullet, most would opt for the timeless bob without hesitation. Shorter hair, however, requires special attention to maintain a textured look. Applying a small amount of heavy wax to the ends can add density, providing a styled yet wispy appearance.

For those opting for a sleek straight bob, a little extra care goes a long way. Heat styling can take a toll, but with the right serum or shine oil, flyaways can be tamed, leaving your locks silky smooth. Girls with curly hair can attest to the challenges of managing curls, but a straightener or curling iron can define ringlets and keep things tidy. The classic bob is akin to a reliable life insurance policy—guaranteed to pay off, applicable at any age, and always a wise move.

3. Volumize, Define, and Slay with a Pixie

There’s something undeniably sophisticated and timeless about a perfectly executed pixie cut. Channelling the likes of Audrey Hepburn and Mia Farrow, a pixie cut exudes elegance and confidence. However, managing a pixie cut involves more than meets the eye.

For those with closely cropped hair, it’s not as much of a wash-and-wear affair as some might think. Less hair doesn’t equate to fewer bad hair days, so the key lies in the right products. Volumising products can add bulk, and for highly textured hair, defining spikes with a hairdryer ensures a flexible hold. For those with natural curls, the right product is crucial to maintaining thickness and fullness.

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