Celebrating 15 Years of Moyo & Sustainable Haircare

A Journey of Love, Sustainability, and Community

Can you believe it? It’s been 15 incredible years since we first opened our salon doors, and what an unforgettable journey it has been. It’s a momentous occasion, a celebration of togetherness, happiness, trust, and countless beautiful moments shared with our community.

We want to start by expressing our deepest gratitude to all of you, our cherished clients, friends, and supporters. As we raise our glasses to toast to these past 15 years, we also look ahead to the next 15 and the many more beyond. Here’s to 15 more fabulous years of hair-raising experiences with you all! 🥂

Sustainability and Organic Beauty

Now, let’s take a walk down memory lane. From day one, MOYO has proudly stood as an organic and sustainability-led salon. We hope that when you walk through our doors, you feel it in the air, recognise it in the treatment you receive, and leave feeling better, not just about your hair but about your environmental impact, too.

Our commitment to sustainability led us to become an Oway Concept Salon, where we’ve chosen to redefine what it means to be a salon in Dublin. Oway, the first professional hair care range based on zero-mile biodynamic extracts, micronised plants, hydrolates, and essential oils, has become the backbone of our services. We’ve consciously decided to replace potentially harmful synthetic ingredients with natural, sustainable alternatives, all packaged in 100% recyclable glass and aluminium.

How It All Started

Fifteen years ago, an organic journey started when Kevin, our founder, made a life-changing decision to leave South Africa after a brief weekend visit and set his heart on Dublin. It was love at first sight with the city’s unique charm. However, he couldn’t ignore the environmental challenges that come with life in a bustling metropolis.

It was during those moments of contemplation that the spark of an idea ignited within him—a vision for an organic haircare salon in the heart of Dublin. This vision took root, and it has been our guiding light ever since.

The choice to embrace organic products wasn’t just a decision; it was a commitment to making a positive contribution to the city we now call home. By opting for natural, sustainable ingredients, we play our part in preserving the vibrancy of this beloved city and mitigating the impact of pollution.

As you step through the doors of MOYO, the lush living wall that greets you at the front entrance isn’t merely a decorative flourish but a profound symbol of our mission to safeguard our environment. We’re not just about hair, we’re about heart, and our dedication to advocating for natural and organic hair care isn’t solely about looking good. It’s about the profound belief that when you feel good about your hair, you’re also doing good for our world.

Because You Matter

At MOYO, our belief is simple but profound – what sets us apart is our attention to detail, and our personal service, something we believe elevates us head and shoulders above the rest. We’re not just a business; we’re a family of dedicated professionals, each with a creative touch that comes straight from the heart.

Many have told us, “You are absolutely the friendliest salon in the city centre.” Whether you agree or not, we want you to know that we’ll always keep the spotlight on you, our beloved customers. You make us who we are, and for that, we’re forever grateful.

Our Team and Our Achievements

Kevin, Donato, Giuseppe, and Philip, our multi-talented all-rounders, have creativity running through their veins. We’re a stylish family, and our dream is to make your dream look a reality. 

In recent news, MOYO has been nominated for Ireland’s Most Stylish Team 2023 at the Hi Style Awards, and through the years, we’ve proudly taken home numerous awards, including 5 Years Winner at the Phorest Experience Awards, the EU Business Awards for the Best Environmentally Conscious Hair Salon, the Irish Hair and Beauty Awards for Best in Dublin Hair Salon (twice), and the Hi Style Awards for Ireland’s Most Stylish Hair Salon and probably even more. All of this is thanks to you.

Your Trust and Love

Your testimonials fill our hearts with joy. Thanks to your trust and support, we’ve not only become one of the top 5 results on Google and Google Maps, but we’ve also blossomed into a community that cares deeply about sustainability and exceptional service.

So here’s to more years of making you feel beautiful, more years of love, sustainability, and community. Cheers to the next 15 and beyond because with you by our side, every year is a celebration.

Thank you for being a part of our MOYO family. We couldn’t have done it without you.

With love and gratitude,

The MOYO Team ❤