Cocooning In Style With Beaver Hair Building Keratin Fibres

We know that many of you are still cocooning at home, in the worst case with roots down to the ears and grey starting to show. If you haven’t already picked up the box colour, well done! This article (and video) will hopefully help you hold out a little bit longer until hairdressers open again. 


This week at Moyo we’re all about ROOTS— Kevin will be giving his insights on how to handle root regrowth, areas of gray or thinning hair and what you can do, at home, by yourself to cover up those areas. Some of you may have already seen this but since we have to wait until July 20th to open again, we’re sharing this video here with a little bit more information in this and other blogs about handling regrowth at home. We’ll be selling these Beaver and Aveda products that’ll be helpful for you at home, they’ll be online next week.


We’ve recently introduced a new line of products to our salon, the Beaver hair building keratin fibres. The reason we are now offering this new product is because in our opinion it’s the perfect solution for maintaining your roots at home until you can come back to the salon. 

Box dye vs. salon dye...

Like Kevin explains in the video below the reason we at Moyo recommend our clients not to use box colour is because you’ll create a much larger problem for your hairdresser when you return to the salon. Box colours contain chemicals and often cause damage to the hair, making it dry and depleted..The best way to cover gray hair naturally at home is by using a temporary root touch up. The fibres give your hair instant cover and will keep your hair looking fabulous throughout the day!  

How to cover grey hair naturally

Moyo is an aveda hair salon and we pride ourselves on using organic hair products that are kind to people’s hair and the environment. For this reason, we’re delighted to have found another line of products that use naturally derived ingredients to solve a common hair issue that many people are struggling with while stuck at home!


The Beaver hair building fibres naturally covers grey hair, root regrowth and areas of thinning hair. The keratin fibres build and thicken your hair while giving the areas you experience problems with instant cover. The fibres are resistant to rain and wind yet gently rinse out with shampoo. 


Many of us don’t like using a lot of different products; instead we want something that is natural, fast and easy to apply. If you have visible roots, thinning hair or grey hair and want a product that gives your hair an even look and colour without weighing it down, Beaver is a great option. Feel free to watch Kevin cocooning in style while explaining how to use this product by yourself while staying at home.

As Kevin mentioned in the video the fibres come in nine different shades, and you can create a nice effect by blending two of them. Feel free to consult with our team on this one. Beaver keratin powder is suitable for all genders, hair types and colours. If you don’t know what shade would suit your hair, our team of experts at Moyo is more than happy to guide you. I know many of you might say “I don’t know what colour I have…” Don’t worry, we have your colour formulas in the salon so we can easily find the colour that will match your hair. 


Many people don’t like drying or shampooing their hair too often as it can make the colour wash out faster. The Beaver hair building fibres can be used as dry shampoo for those days when you don’t feel like washing your hair. Simply sprinkle the product onto your roots, style it into place and you’ll have a fabulous look of newly washed, thick looking hair. Voilà! 



If you have any questions or need any help while at home, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We miss you too! You can send us an email and we can arrange a time to call.


We’re here to help you! 😊

Take Care! 


The Moyo Team


Written by rok