How To Keep Hair Healthy At Home With Beaver Products

How To Keep Hair Healthy At Home With Beaver Products

We know that there are many people right now looking for hair care tips at home and how to keep their hair healthy during the times hairdressers stay closed due to the Covid-19 crisis. For those who are struggling with root regrowth we recommend you not to use box colours. However tempting it can be to colour those roots it will cause your hair colourist a much bigger job when hairdressers reopen again. In this article we want to introduce a new line of products that covers root regrowth, gray hair and areas of thinning.

This new line of products is called Beaver and is from Shamazen.The products are a shampoo, conditioner, powder and spray that all contain keratin fibres, the same protein as in hair. The keratin is naturally derived and coloured into multiple shades to give every hair type a natural looking result. We’ve just started selling these products which can be delivered to your door within a few days! These products will be available to purchase online in the coming weeks however for now, please call us and we’ll take your order by phone.

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Who is it for?

All the product ingredients are naturally derived and don’t contain any chemicals. They are safe for everyone to use and works with all types, textures and colours of hair.

“It’s very easy, you can’t go wrong with it at all” – Kevin from Moyo

The Beaver products are for people that want to cover showing their scalp, grey hair or root regrowth. These products also help the scalp sustain hair growth and thicker hair. We know most of you are no experts, but don’t worry these products are easy to use, can be applied multiple times a day and are long lasting.

How does it work?

The key ingredient in this product is keratin protein fibres. The fibres instantly build your hair and adds a look of thickness and fullness to the scalp eliminating any sign of scalp show. Because the product comes in different colours we at Moyo can help you find the colour that matches your hair to hide those regrowing roots or grey hairs.

The fiber hold spray makes the fibers resistant to wind and rain, meaning you can apply the product on a stormy day before heading to the supermarket and the product will stay on until the next time you wash your hair.

Which hair care products do I need?

The product that we are most excited for in this new product line is the Beaver keratin hair building fibres. This is the product that will immediately cover scalp show, root regrowth and grey hair. To use it simply part your healthy hair hair and sprinkle it onto the scalp to get the illusion of fullness and thickness. You can also sprinkle the product onto the roots to cover regrowth or to any areas with grey hair.

We strongly recommend combining the Beaver keratin hair building fibres with the hold spray. The Beaver fiber hold spray softens and conditions the hair and creates a natural look. After applying the spray you can brush and style the hair without causing the fibres to dust away. To disguise the regrowth, we would particularly recommend using these Hair Building fibres. Remember we have all our clients colour formulas on record so we are able to tell you which particular colour would be the one that suits your hair.

Take a look at these instructions and a video from Kevin with a how-to tutorial for using this product by yourself.

In the new Beaver line we also have the keratin hair thickening shampoo and keratin hair thickening conditioner. The products are specially formulated for people with thinning hair and slow hair growth with naturally derived ingredients.

The shampoo gently and effectively washes the hair. It helps sustain a well balanced and healthy scalp by dissolving harmful sebum build up without stipping or weighing down thin hair. The keratin helps to prolong hair life and increases hair density and gives the hair a look of strength and fullness. Combine it with the keratin hair thickening conditioner that repairs and thickens hair and you have natural shine and weightless volume.


If you have any questions don’t hesitate to send us a message, we miss you a lot and would love to help in any way we can. On our Instagram page we will be doing tutorials on how to use the Beaver line products, you can find us here.

We can’t wait to have you back at the salon! In the meantime stay safe and take care!