Moyo Salon is the Aveda Flagship

Aveda Products Dublin

Moyo Salon is the Aveda Flagship

When it comes to going cruelty free there was one thing I was very results driven on. We have been a proud partner for over 12 years now and we are loving every minute of it. We take pleasure in using aveda products only given their many benefits. 

We have been nominated for the best eco-friendly salon in Dublin, the most sustainable salon in Dublin and for various other awards around the topic of being sustainable and eco friendly. We have a big part to thank to Aveda for their commitment to providing the most ethically sourced products and ingredients so that we can proudly call ourselves, the flagship Aveda salon in Dublin.

While getting my hair blow dried, aged just 27, my stylist announced, almost excitedly, that I had a cluster of grey hairs at the back of my head.

Moyo Salon in Dublin is the Aveda Flagship in Ireland and Kevin, the owner, is a seriously good colourist.