Moyo – Your Organic Hair Salon In Dublin

Moyo - Your Organic Hair Salon In Dublin

Along with our mission to provide our customers with excellent service and care, an important goal for our salon has always been to also take care of the environment. We strongly believe that beauty can and should be delivered in a manner that protects the environment, causing the least amount of harm that’s possible. 

Being sustainable within the beauty industry hasn’t always been easy, we are always learning to find new ways in our goal to become the most sustainable salon in Dublin. Below we have listed two recent achievements that mark our journey and represent important reminders for us that sustainability and beauty can be combined

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The Excellence Award in Sustainable Hair & Beauty Services

We are ever so delighted to have been awarded the Excellence Award for Sustainable Hair and Beauty Services in the Irish Enterprise Awards 2020. The award is hosted by the EU Business News which recognises companies that make a unique contribution to their industry through the value, experience and service they provide. 

Moyo is an aveda hair salon and we absolutely love using their products and are so grateful to have found a company that shares our values and beliefs on sustainability. 

The big reason we choose to use Aveda’s organic hair products is because they are naturally derived which means they don’t contain any harmful chemicals, they haven’t been tested on animals unlike many other beauty products and they are manufactured using renewable energy. Aveda also supports sustainable farming while working hard on improving the living standards for people in the countries that produce their products. If you are interested in learning more about the work Aveda does to protect our environment, we recommend visiting their website to find out more. 

Another reason why we’ve chosen to use eco-friendly products at the salon is so we can care and treat our customers in a way that is kind to their hair and skin, helping hair in becoming naturally stronger and healthier.

Nominated best organic hair salon in Dublin

This year we received another landmark for our salon as we’ve been nominated for the “Best Eco- Friendly Hairdresser in Dublin” by the Tia Maria Awards. The gala night was scheduled this spring but due to the current situation, it’s been postponed until later this year. For this reason the voting is still open, so if you want to help our team receive this award, you can still give us your vote!

To vote for our salon in the Tia Maria award, send an email to with our name “Moyo Hair and Beauty” and the category “best eco-friendly salon”.

Besides being a salon using organic products, we do our best to style and colour hair producing as little waste as possible. We’ve taken some actions to become a zero waste salon such as using products made from responsible packaging and also minimizing our waste by recycling our paper and plastic.

At Moyo we believe that beauty can only exist if it comes with a compassionate and generous soul, we hope to share this message with our clients, society and the rest of the world. 

We’re looking forward to seeing you all at the salon and to continue our services and journey to become the most organic hair salon in Dublin.