The Moyo Ethos Of Sustainable Hair Care and Why We Care

sustainable hair care

Moyo began with a focus on sustainability. It was not happenstance but a passion we brought with us from our years in the industry, a seed we planted the day Moyo was born. Sustainable hair care is not a new idea but people are becoming more aware of it. 

For 13 years we have worked as a team to promote sustainable hair care products and eco-friendly hair care brands. Our ethos and services all have sustainable hair care at their centre and it is something we will always advocate for at our salon.

Why Is Sustainable Hair Care Important?

Sustainable shampoo and conditioner are no longer hard to find. If possible we recommend switching to a sustainable brand not only for the environment but also for your hair and scalp health. 

Here are three reasons why sustainable hair care products are better than generic brands. 

Natural Ingredients

Clean hair products don’t just stop you from washing chemicals down the drain and into our oceans, they are also better for your hair. Using natural ingredients means that your hair is better able to absorb the nutrients within the formula and the lack of chemicals is also better for your scalp. 

Less Plastic

Sustainable hair care products are often made using less plastic or are sold in recycled packaging. This seemingly small detail has a huge impact on our environment and the issue of single-use plastics. Opting for a natural product that uses sustainable materials will make a big difference to your eco-footprint. 

Affordable Products 

Though sustainable products used to be more expensive than generic ones, they are now widely available and can be just as affordable as non-sustainable brands. Due to the quality of the ingredients you are getting, it is also quite common for the best sustainable shampoos and conditioners to last much longer than their cheaper, chemical-based counterparts.

Looking after the environment can seem like a daunting task and the fact of the matter is that it often is. However, making small changes to our routines like the hair products we use is a great place to start making a difference. As you help the environment you can help yourself too – your scalp, hair and body will thank you for using natural ingredients. 

Why? No matter the combination of ingredients, chemicals were never meant to be consumed by our skin so opting for a natural product will have long-term benefits for you.

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