Top 5 Sustainable Haircare & Beauty Trends for 2023

sustainable haircare and beauty

With the proliferation of internet resources, today’s savvy shoppers are looking for more than just lip service from their favourite companies; they want to know that the claims they’re making about sustainability are actually being put into practice. Consumers with this level of expertise are less likely to be persuaded by marketing promises and more likely to choose products from companies that include and highlight components they already know would benefit them.

Eco-friendly, green, sustainable haircare & beauty trends

These eco-related concepts have quickly become mainstream and can be found everywhere, from food labels to home design and fashion. The current fad couldn’t be better. And we all know that it’s critical to do everything you can to preserve the planet’s ecosystems. As part of your green initiative, starting from your daily routine, why not choose a “green hairstyle”? 

Let’s have a look at the top 5 and Moyo’s favourite sustainable haircare & beauty trends for 2023. 

1. Curls, Braids and Fishtails

There has been a lot of talk on the beauty of Afro hair, especially after the Black Lives Matter movement. People of all backgrounds are becoming less likely to straighten their hair and eventually more comfortable with their natural waves. After all, curls, braids and fishtails are always in fashion and probably the most sustainable way of hairstyling. Get a stunning appearance by braiding your hair without using heat, and you won’t even need much when it comes to styling aids. 

Split your hair down the centre and style it in two pieces, one on each side. If your hair is really thin, add an eco-friendly texturising spray, like Oway’s volume & texture hair puff, to give it some body. Initiate a standard three-strand braid at the top of your head, pulling each strand closer to the centre as you go. Braid your hair until you’re within an inch – or two from the bottom, and then secure it with an elastic. You’re good to go!

2. Embracing Natural Curly Textures

It’s easy to be swept up in the latest fashions from the runway and magazine pages and start wearing hairstyles without considering whether they actually complement your natural features. Curls and waves can be challenging to work with, but they frequently provide a more modern style and are a better fit than straight hair. Instead of fighting your hair’s natural texture, why not embrace it? 

Choose a styling mousse, gel, or texture serum, such as Oway’s curly potion, that is kind to your hair and the planet – especially if you need something extra to complete your curly or wavy appearance. If your hair is naturally straight, but you’d like a wave, you don’t need a curling iron or many products to achieve your desired look—attempt braiding your hair and leaving them in for at least a day. Remove the hair ties and release the curls. Simple and organic as that. Nothing but an environmentally friendly and stunning hairstyle.

3. Organic, Tight, Curly Hair and Perms

The perm is making a comeback, but this time it’s being reinterpreted for the modern day. It’s no surprise that famous people have been seen flaunting the “curly shag” haircut, which has been named one of the most evergreen hairstyles ever. The resurgence of the perm coincides with a rise in interest in organic hair care products, which help maintain a chic, chemical-free coif. 

Unlike conventional perms, organic perms never make use of any ammonia-based ingredients. Professional hairdressers at Moyo Hair & Beauty salon in Dublin, Ireland, also treat your hair before and/or after the perm utilising sustainable, all-natural lotions and creams. 

4. Bright-Coloured Hair

Dying your hair a striking colour is a great way to make a fashion statement. It’s fun to shake up your appearance, whether you go all the way and dye your hair a rainbow of hues or start with something more subtle. Choose an organic hair dye, which often includes fewer chemicals and ammonia. 

Consider your hair’s current condition and colour when deciding which organic hair dye is good for you, especially if you have dry and damaged hair. A dye may have a better time adhering to hair that has been damaged; however, there is some debate as to whether or not darker hair tones would get the same effects with an organic hair dye – although they do a great job on blondes. So, go light! 

5. Bangs and Fringes 

Let’s start by celebrating the return of the bangs, or as it’s widely known too, the fringe. One of the quickest ways to upgrade your style is with a pair of new bangs – and you can do it yourself in a few minutes. Haircuts as varied as bobs and long, layered hair may all benefit from the addition of a bang. 

The asymmetrical curtain style bang adds flair without the harshness or shock of a traditional, across-the-face bob cut. On top of that, it’s stylish whether your hair is up or down. Watch out when using products like skin serums and moisturisers, as the bangs might soak them up, becoming more oily. 


Whatever hairstyle matches your energy, we’re here to make it happen – luxuriously and, above all, environmentally consciously. From fringe to perms and many more, our professional stylists cater to your needs with the best organic hairstyle products in the market. 

Visit our experts at the Moyo Hairdressing Salon on Charlotte Way, Dublin 2 and treat yourself to a treatment that’ll boost your confidence. Make an appointment now, and we’ll help you restore your hair’s health and splendour.