What It Means to Be An Organic Hair Salon In Dublin

Hair Salon In Dublin

For over 13 years now, Moyo has proudly existed as an organic and sustainability-led salon. We hope that you can see it when you walk through our doors, recognise it in the treatment you receive and feel all the better for it when it is time to leave. 

Yes, there are countless options when it comes to finding a hair salon in Dublin but making the choice to find an organic and purposeful salon will help us spread the word and raise awareness of what it means to be an organic hair and beauty salon in Dublin

What Sets Organic Hair Care Apart?

Organic and natural hair products are better for your hair as they are gentler and will not strip it of its natural oils and nutrients. At Moyo, we ensure all of our products are organic to make it possible for us to provide the best service possible and because we are passionate about the environment.

As organic products are natural, when disposed of, they will not contribute to pollution. Should you choose to bring home some of our natural hair care you can rest assured that you’re not washing harmful chemicals down the drain whilst saving your hair from them too!

Is Organic Hair Colour Effective?

In the hair and beauty industry, we sometimes get asked if organic hair colour is as effective as its non-organic counterpart. In short, yes. 

If anything organic hair colour provides a much better treatment because it gets you the desired result without the harmful chemicals. Our organic and sustainable hair colours provide full coverage, shine, and body – we wouldn’t be one of the best hair salons in Dublin for colour if they didn’t.

An Organic Hair Salon In Dublin

Dublin city is a magical place. Kevin, our founder moved here from South Africa after just a one-weekend visit many years ago. We love Dublin, its side streets and people yet we cannot deny the fact that it is a bustling hive of activity and with that comes pollution.

Choosing organic products means we are doing our part to keep our city alive and well. When you first visit Moyo you will notice our vibrant living wall outside our front entrance. A feature we adore that also signifies our support and mission to help the environment where we can.

When you set out to find the best hairdressers in Dublin for your next visit, maybe now you can factor in the use of natural and organic hair care in your decision-making. 
If you have any questions about our services or hair care range please do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to help. We also offer free product consultations if you want to know what products are best suited to your hair type.