Why We Believe in Oway: Organic Beauty and Hair Care the Italian Way

Organic Beauty and Hair Care the Italian Way

Luxury hair care that doesn’t compromise the environment. 

Organic & natural beauty are two of the most prominent buzzwords that can be found on the labels of today’s most popular new hair care products. As a result of several firms broadening their product lines to serve their increasingly ingredient-savvy customers better, the free-from-chemical cosmetics industry is more than thriving. 

The rise of sustainable haircare and beauty products 

There is much more environmental awareness of what we’re putting down the plughole, which may be fueling demand for more eco-friendly wash products. If you want to go green, a fantastic way to start is with your shampoo & conditioner – your daily hair care – since these tend to be products we all use on a regular basis. Brands advertising that their products are “sulfate-free” are likely to do well, as consumers nowadays perceive products that do not include surfactants (like sulfates) to be milder and consequently better for their overall well-being. 

Using waste to build a sustainable future, we welcome our partnership with Oway, now an integral part of the Moyo brand. 

At Moyo Hair & Beauty, we value long-term viability, and we bet you do, too. We think that everyone has a role to play in making the world a better place by promoting sustainability in their own way through their daily routines. After all, in addition to their long-term viability, the use of all-natural and organic beauty products is crucial since it prevents chemicals from entering the environment and ecosystems. 

You can still prevent this unnecessary environmental damage by utilising organic salon products at home and when getting your hair cut or treated by professionals. Remember, organic goods are better for the environment since their components are sourced from sustainable agriculture farms. 

Joining forces with Oway, we strive for organic beauty & sustainable haircare and beauty

Committing to offering hair treatment products that are both luxurious and environmentally friendly, we are thrilled to have Oway as a member of the Moyo family. Our shared ideals will allow us to enhance the hair and beauty industry in a way that is both sustainable and socially responsible. Get and maintain beautiful hair with the help of Oway’s all-natural products, which are designed with the highest quality organic components. 

What you put on your hair and skin is just as vital to your health as what you put in your body, and the experts of Oway know it better than anyone. Unsafe and simple to mass-produce, conventional ingredients are commonplace, and consequently, traditional salon products typically include dangerous chemicals. But these don’t. 

On the contrary, Oway’s products are made with all-natural, organic components packed with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other beneficial substances. While conventional cosmetics substances may temporarily improve the look of your hair, they can cause a number of health issues. Of course, you need to remember that the short-term benefits of using standard hair care products are eventually outweighed by their long-term detrimental effects.

Well-being always starts from the head, do it the Italian way

When it comes to maintaining their beautiful figures, Italian women don’t simply focus on clothing and jewellery. They are particularly fastidious about the products they use on their skin, hair, and nails, seeking those that are hygienic, multipurpose, and, of course, Made In Italy. The OW Head & SPA range products are multipurpose, meaning they may be used on the face and body in addition to the hair and scalp. 

By varying the timing and techniques of the application, you may get a full-body treatment that includes the face, décolleté, and body, as well as a scalp exfoliation – which comes in an intense pack for different hair lengths. From Oway’s colour protection hair bath, Oway’s frequent use shampoo & conditioner, to Oway’s special glues, we’ve got you covered. 

Our products are 100% environmentally friendly and guarantee rapid detangling action that nourishes and strengthens without weighing the hair down. Get your shine on, let your mind wander amongst a fruity olfactory bouquet of senses, and prepare for instantly soft and luminous results. Browse Oway’s products and find the ones that fit your fancy today. 


Visit our professional hairstylists at the Moyo Hairdressing Salon on Charlotte Way, Dublin 2, to have your hair and scalp treated (sustainable haircare and beauty) uniquely. Make an appointment now, and we’ll help you restore your hair’s health and splendour.