Your Guide to Dark Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights by Moyo Stylists

Ready to add some sunshine to your dark brown hair with gorgeous blonde highlights? 🌞 It’s a classic look that’s been turning heads forever, and guess what? Our Moyo stylists are here to make it happen, all while keeping it eco-friendly! Before you take the leap, let’s chat about some friendly tips, sustainable haircare product faves, and a bunch of stunning options crafted just for you. Sound like a plan? Let’s dive in! 

What to Know Before Getting Dark Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Colouring your hair is an art that demands patience and precision, especially when adding highlights. If you’re starting with naturally dark hair, achieving your desired level of blonde may require bleach. Our professional stylists at Moyo can expertly guide you through the process, managing your expectations and ensuring flawless results. Techniques like balayage or even sombre & lowlights, which we specialise in, require skill and precision—reason enough to trust our experts. 

Options for Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Whether you’re planning a DIY transformation or heading to our salon, we offer a variety of options for your dark brown hair with blonde highlights:

  • Dark Brown Hair with Caramel Highlights: The warm, rich tones of caramel complement dark brown hair, creating an envy-worthy dimension.
  • Dark Brown Hair with Ash Blonde Highlights: For cool, dark brown hair, ash blonde highlights bring out a stunning contrast with cool undertones.
  • Dark Brown Hair with Platinum Highlights: Now that’s a high-contrast duo using the balayage highlighting technique for seriously stunning results.
  • Dark Brown Hair with Creamy Blonde Highlights: If platinum feels bold, opt for creamy blonde highlights—a beige blonde that adds definition without being too harsh.
  • Dark Brown Hair with Strawberry Blonde Highlights: For a playful twist, combine the beauty of brown hair with the charm of strawberry blonde highlights.

How to Care for Dark Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Once you’ve achieved your desired look, maintaining it is key. Trust Moyo’s sustainable haircare products for a vibrant and lasting result:

  • Use a Colour-Treated Hair System: Switch to a shampoo and conditioner formulated for colour-treated hair, such as Oway’s Colour Protection Hair Bath, which nourishes and prolongs colour shine.
  • Add a Hair Mask to Your Routine: Swap out your regular conditioner for Oway’s enriching hair conditioner a couple of times a week. Additionally, use the Hmelt Mask to intensify colour and protect and moisturise your treated or natural hair.
  • Always Use Heat Protectant: Protect your highlights from heat styling with Oway’s Thermo-Detangling Cloud, a detangling thermal protection hair lotion that nourishes without weighing down your hair.
  • Let Your Hair Air-Dry: Give your hair a break from heat styling by air-drying from time to time for a naturally beautiful look.
  • Schedule a Glaze: Keep your dark brown hair with blonde highlights looking shinier by scheduling a glaze every few weeks at the salon—consult your favourite stylist for personalised advice.

Looking for an eco-friendly salon in Dublin? 

Voila! Now that you’re all set to rock your dark brown hair with those fabulous blonde highlights let’s keep the love going – not just for your locks, but for the planet, too! At Moyo, we’re all about sustainable haircare that makes you look good and feel even better. 

So, why not book an appointment and let our eco-friendly expert stylists help with personalised tips and the best hair care products in the market? Your radiant, sustainable transformation awaits, and we can’t wait to pamper you and the planet! 🌱